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Volundeer is a next generation platform for volunteering and online giving.

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What is Volundeer?

Volundeer is a next generation platform for volunteering and online giving. We are opening an online and mobile service to match voluntary organisations with people who want to help.

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How does it work?

  • Find a cause that is close to your heart and join the cause by donating yourself.
  • Ask questions and be a part of volunteer community.
  • Help causes also by sharing them in your social networks.
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Do you know any causes that might be in need for new volunteers?

Sign up for beta and let us know!

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What makes us special?

Volundeer is a powerful recruiting tool for organisations and projects.

We offer an excellent user experience for volunteers.

Matching volunteers to causes will always be free in Volundeer

We also connect NGOs to socially responsible companies.

We will grow with and for the NGOs who are the driving forces for global improvement.

We combine matching, online giving and corporate social responsibility under one umbrella.

A social enterprise

Our mission is to promote volunteering in every possible way. Thriving voluntary sector and volunteer movement are essential for a better society — especially in times of challenge and change.

We are serious about changing the world for the better and direct our revenue to achieve that goal.

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